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We are here to cooperate with you in using your data and analysis to improve your products, customer acquisition and retention rates as well as increase incremental revenues and manage the cross channel marketing ROI.


We have extensive experience in data and predictive analytics in finance, gambling, media and charity sectors 

Our interest lies in helping companies use data and analysis to improve their products, customer acquisition and retention rates as well as increase their incremental revenues and manage the Marketing ROI. We lead and coach colleagues and stakeholders in the adoption of data based insight and campaigns. We communicate with customers and users, including at senior level (both internal and external), in the delivery of decision science activities.

Our services contain of customer profiling, segmentation , predictive analytics budget forecasting and CRM strategy.

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Customer purchase analysis

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Mazux UK

Marketing Insight Consultancy

Analysis of clients' purchase behaviour as well as prediction of future trends. Improvements and recommendations to your website conversions and analysis of communication channels.

We are experts with a wide range of expertise across finance, media, marketing services and charity sectors.

Communication multi channel analysis as a forefront of strategy. Understanding your clients online and offline behaviour will help to create bespoke marketing communication campaign.

Deriving actionable insight from open data sources as well as your data warehouse. We will implement technology to extract the knowledge from your data.